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Energy Efficiency

A Guide To Energy Efficiency In Your Home

Energy Efficiency has two major benefits for everyone. First, energy efficiency saves electricity and therefore saves everyone money on their power bill. Secondly, using less electricity helps preserve natural resources and lower pollution, thereby benefitting the environment. Whether homeowners choose to install energy efficient lighting, heating and cooling systems, and appliances, or supplement their power with solar energy, geothermal pumps, or wind power, there are a variety of easy and cost-effective ways to become more energy efficient. This resource is designed to guide anyone into a more energy-efficient lifestyle. Follow the links below for more information on home energy efficiency.

Home Energy Efficiency FAQs

ACEEE FAQs — Read all about home energy efficiency on this page from the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy.

• Energy Star FAQs — The frequently answered questions on this government-sponsored page deal with federal energy tax credits and much more.

Extension Home Energy FAQs — The answers to the home energy FAQs on this page are extensive, making it a great and informative resource.

• Flex Your Power — This California-based page can help homeowners everywhere make their homes more energy efficient.

Florida Solar Energy Center FAQs — Although a lot of the information on this page is specific to Florida, nearly every homeowner can benefit from these questions and answers on energy efficiency.

General Energy Quick Tips — Delta State University has this informative page that answers questions about energy efficiency. Much of the content is specifically geared to offices and laboratories, but most of the information can be applied at home as well.

• Home Energy Saver FAQs — This page has great questions and answers that will help anyone save energy at home.

Rutgers Center for Green Building — The Rutgers Center for Green Building answers questions about the benefits of green, energy efficient building on this page.

Tax Incentives Assistance Project FAQs —Learn all about energy efficiency and tax credits on this site.

Energy-Efficient Appliances

Consumer Energy Center: Appliances — The Consumer Energy Center of California has a good overview site on what to look for in an energy-efficient appliance.

• Efficient Appliances Save Energy — and Money — Here is a great page on energy-efficient appliances from the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Energy Saving and Green LivingConsumer Reports has reviews of many energy-efficient appliances and other information on energy efficiency on this page.

Energy Tips — Appliances — Michigan State University helps homeowners evaluate the energy efficiency of their appliances, maintain them for efficiency, and much more.

Find Energy Star Appliances — This overview page from the Energy Star website will help anyone find an energy-efficient appliance.

How to Buy an Energy-Efficient Home Appliance — The Federal Trade Commission offers some good advice on purchasing energy-efficient home appliances on this site.

Rebates for Energy-Efficient Appliances — Readers will find a great deal of information on tax credits and other rebates they can get through purchasing energy efficient appliances.

SS: Energy-Efficient Appliances — Sustainable Sources explains the types of appliances that are the most energy efficient on this page.

Sustainable Choices: Energy-Efficient Appliances — Stanford University has some brief information here on the benefits of energy-efficient appliances.

Top Ten USA — Top Ten USA lists the top ten most energy-efficient appliances available in a variety of different appliance categories.

Energy Efficient Lighting Tips

7 Tips for Saving Energy with Home Lighting — Follow these handy tips to save money and energy on home lighting.

ALA: Efficient Lighting — The American Lighting Association has a few excellent tips to help anyone develop a more energy-efficient lighting plan for their home.

Benefits of CFL Bulbs — How Stuff Works? includes this page on the benefits of compact florescent light bulbs in its guide to how they work.

CPS Energy: Home Lighting Tips — The Lighting Efficiency Tips from this energy company have helped many people to save electricity in their homes.

FPL Lighting Efficiency — Florida Power and Light has this brief, helpful guide to making a lighting plan more energy efficient.

Home Services: Energy-Saving Lighting Tips — Home Depot gives some great energy-efficient lighting tips on this site.

Indoor Home Lighting Tips — Duke Energy has put together this page with some great indoor home lighting tips.

Lighting & CFL Tips — TXU Energy has some helpful steps to lowering the energy use of a home lighting system on this page.

• Lower My Energy Bill: Home Lighting — Visit this page for a few brief tips on using energy saving lighting and on saving energy in many other areas.

• Lowes for Pros — The home improvement-retailing giant has this good site on designing an energy-efficient lighting plan for the home.

Heating And Cooling Your Home

Chugach: Heating and Cooling — This power company in Alaska offers excellent tips on saving energy.

• Energy-Saving Heating and Cooling Ideas for Your Home — Follow these ideas to save energy and therefore money on your heating and cooling systems.

HVAC Heating and Air Conditioning Energy Savers — Although this page is geared toward businesses, most of its tips can be applied to home energy efficiency as well.

• Living Green Heating & Cooling — Residents of Florida and other southern states should especially benefit from this page on environmentally friendly heating and cooling from the University of Florida.

• LSU Efficient Cooling and Heating — Here are some good tips for improving energy efficiency in a new heating and cooling system from Louisiana State University.

Minnesota Heating and Cooling Systems — Minnesota Power covers many energy-saving tips for home heating and cooling on this page.

• Save Energy in Heating and Cooling — Tips to save energy on heating and cooling are just some of the energy-savings tips found on this site.

Saving Energy and Keeping Safe — Learn how to save energy and more with this worksheet that addresses the needs of heating and cooling systems.

• Top 5 Energy Saving Heating and Cooling TipsPopular Mechanics makes these five tips on energy-efficient heating and cooling available to readers.

Watt Watchers — This Maryland-based site has a lot of good information on saving money on heating and cooling costs through the saving of energy.

Renewable / Alternative Energy Information Resources

American Council on Renewable Energy — The American Council on Renewable Energy has a lot of good information on renewable energy use in the United States.

• Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency — This database can show homeowners in any state the various incentives that are there’s for using renewable energy at home.

• DIY Energy — Do-it-yourselfers will enjoy this page that will help them implement such projects for renewable and alternative energy in their homes.

• Home Power — Many free articles on renewable and alternative energy in the home can be found on the official page of Home Power magazine.

• Hydrogen Benefits — This page explores the many benefits of using hydrogen energy to power the home and businesses.

IGSHPA Frequently Asked Questions — Frequently asked questions about ground source heat pumps are found on the other side of this link.

Renewable Energy Basics — Basic data on renewable energy for the home can be found on this page.

Renewable Energy for Home and Property — This site on renewable energy from the Texas State Energy Conservation Office has helped many people learn what they can do to power their home through renewable and alternative energy sources.

Renewable Energy System Design — This page offers some good information for those who want to design a home renewable energy system in Alaska, but its information is applicable elsewhere as well.

• Saint Francis University Renewable Energy Center — Much can be learned from this Pennsylvania-based page on using renewable energy at home.


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