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How much home you can afford.


Mothly payments on accounts, auto, credit card, loans




=Total monthly debt (A)______________


Gross Monthly income before taxes: (B) _______________

X .36 ______________

= Allowable ____________

Total Monthly debt (C)

Monthly allowable total Debt (C) _________

Minus Monthly debt -(A)_____________

= Monthly allowable  PITI (D) _____________

Less 20% for taxes and insurance  X.80% _____________

= Allowable principal/interest only (E) _______________


Grosee monthly income (B) ____________________

X.28 ___________________

= Monthly allowable PITI  (F)  _______________

(Less 20% for taxes and insurance): X.80 ________________

= Allowable principal/interest only (G) _____________

payment: enter lesser or (E) or (G):   (H)____________


Using Chart above: Loan Amount: _________________

Find current interest rate, for 20% down: divided by .80 ______________

Locate payment amount in  = Home price _______________

That column close to your principla and interest (H)   Loan Amount: ________________-

Find loan amount to the left and enter it here;   for 10% down ________________(div by .90)

= Home price ____________________


Formula is only a guide and not to be construded as actual lending calculations. Contact your loan officer to determine more accurate information.


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