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Utah has low income Home Loans!

You won't believe these rates!

uhc (Utah Housing)


How many agents have told you about a loan for:

*30-Year Fixed!

*single parents

*1st time home buyers

*No credit score or 620 mid score

*FHA/VA Assumable

*Do not need savings!!!

*Can use a co-Signer without extra points!

*Can use for New Construction or Existing


What are the Purchase Limits?

Salt Lake, Tooele & Summit:$232,750


Kane: $204,250


Income Limits:(non-targeted)

Non-targeted areas=1st time home buyers can buy anywhere


One/Two persons=$61,000

Three+ persons= $70,000

All other counties:

One/Two persons=$57,000

Three+ persons=$65,500


Income Limits -Targeted

Targeted area ar for Non-1st-time buyers. Check Web Site for available areas!


One/Two persons=$73,000

Three+ persons= $85,500

All other counties:

One/Two persons=$68,500

Three+ persons=$79,500

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Yea! Finally a loan that YOU can afford!


Single parent Program:

* For Single parents who owned their own home in the past 3 years.

* Have custondy of at least 1 minor

* Can get UHC down payment help, if needed.


UHC Rate Locks:

*Lock if Applicants have Credit Approval (even before Appraisal completed)

* Initial free rate lock good for 6 weeks!

* $400 non-delivery fee required if loan does not close and deliver.

    Rate Lock:

        Additional rate lock time can be purchased:


Qualifications for an Uhc Loan:

  1. Meet Purchase price and income limits
  2. no rental of any part of property
  3. less than 15% used primarily for business
  4. can use Co-Signer to help qualify
  5. No cash back
  6. Middle FICO score 620

Utah Housing General Information: 1-800-284-6950

Utah Housing Servicing: 1-800-344-0452


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